Our values

İmfalt Yol Yapı acts in line with corporate values in all business processes in order to be an institution that employees of which can be proud of themselves. İmfalt Yol Yapı considers utilizing its knowledge and expertise for its customers’ benefit and to transfer them to next generations, as a duty to itself.


For İmfalt Yol Yapı, 'human' is the most valuable asset. No discrimination on the basis of gender, language, religion, race and political dissent can be made in national and international business processes. Approaches contrary to universal human rights are unacceptable. All the employees of İmfalt Yol Yapı are under the assurance to work on a continuously enhanced, healthy and safe environment. İmfalt Yol Yapı works with the goal of zero accidents.


İmfalt Yol Yapı adopted acting in accordance with business ethics and being trustworthy honest, consistent and fair in all business processes. No concession is made on quality. The job is carried out in the best way that can be done.


For İmfalt Yol Yapı, contributing to society is not a 'project', but the consciousness of existence. All investment processes are aimed to be sustainable.


İmfalt Yol Yapı respects the environment. As a requirement of this respect, IMFALT’s impact to environmental is measured. Efforts are made to minimize the adverse impacts. Employees are encouraged to increase the protection of natural resources and recycling.

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